About The Dog Trainer

dog trainer Victoria Baker aurora coloradoVictoria Baker became a dog trainer by default starting with her own dogs training them to hunt waterfowl, then working with Mountain Pet Rescue in Grand County fostering a new dog almost on monthly basis.  It was that experience of changing a dog’s behavior to become a well-balanced member of society that became her calling. There was nothing more rewarding than rehabilitating a dog with “issues”.

She is a graduate of Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy which provided a 12 week study of dog behavior and learning.  More than that, it provided 12 weeks of hands on training with a wide variety of breeds and an even wider variety of temperaments and problems.  It also provided the basics of positive reinforcement training.

Victoria has been professionally training dogs since 2012 in Grand County and Denver areas through her company Furever Behavior Dog Training.  She is a member of APDT and continually attends workshops and seminars including the Clicker Expo to always keep learning.  There is always a better less aversive way to train.

Victoria teaches reward-based, force-free dog training to families using humane, scientific learning theories to transform your dog into a happy, well-behaved, and reliable companion. When you foster the human-animal bond through praise, food, toys, and other forms of positive reinforcement in real-world situations: Dogs learn faster, Dogs adapt better, Dogs stay calmer, Dogs remain more focused.

Whether it’s basic dog training or more advanced skills for off-leash hiking, solving dog behavioral issues of fear, anxiety, aggression, and resource guarding, having a good relationship with your dog makes everything easier – for both of you.

You’ll find many dog trainers out there, so let’s be clear about what she believes sets her apart from the rest:

  • Dog training should be fun and educational for both dogs and people, not a power struggle.
  • Dog training is far more about building trust than it is about instituting “control.”
  • Dogs learn our rules through socialization and training.
  • We cannot (and should not) punish our dogs into behaving better.
  • We do not use or recommend punishment, corrections, or other aversive methods. There will be no shock collars, pinch collars, choke collars, alpha rolls, or forcing dogs to obey.

Today Victoria loves seeing families uncover the dog they want, hidden inside the dog they have.